Best Free VPNs With New Zealand Servers

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New Zealand is a popular country covered by virtually 100% of Premium VPN providers, but as far as free VPNs are concerned, unfortunately, your options are thin on the ground. Same for Australia as well. It’s just hard to find credible, legit, secure, high performing VPNs with free New Zealand servers.

However, there are a few main options you can use, with one option that’s recently become available that’s the standout, obvious choice.

PrivadoVPN were the best free VPN service with New Zealand servers, with 10 GB of data to use per month that’s unfortunately been withdrawn now. Tunnelbear are another option, but a distant second with only 500 MB of data per month to use.

And that’s really it for your credible free New Zealand VPN options that I’m aware of. Let’s cover each option in more detail.

Option #1 – PrivadoVPN (10 GB/month)

Update – PrivadoVPN have now removed New Zealand from their free server list, so this option is unfortunately no longer available. I don’t know why they’ve done this. I will keep an eye out to see if it returns. You can still get New Zealand servers on their excellent value paid plans.

Swiss based PrivadoVPN are a fantastic newcomer to the market who specialize in offering lots of free VPN server locations with a generous data allowance as well. I always like to promote them because I love what they’re doing with their free server selections, and they’ve just recently added New Zealand to their free server list.

Here are the main features of PrivadoVPN’s free offering:

  • 10 GB data use per month on the free plan
  • Free servers in 11 countries and 14 locations on the free plan – New Zealand (Auckland), USA (New York, Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles), UK, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, France, Switzerland, India, Brazil, Argentina.
  • Free server list continues to expand as well (more countries will likely be added)
  • Strict zero logs policy, even on the free version
  • Based in Switzerland with strong privacy laws
  • 1 connection allowed on free version
  • Apps for all major devices.
  • Email address only required to get free version.
  • Paid plans start at $2.50/month for a 12 month subscription and servers in 48 countries.

Click here to get started with the free version of PrivadoVPN – go to their Pricing page and select their Free Plan.

10 GB/month equates to about 300 MB/day and is a great free allowance which could cover some basic internet user’s needs as long as there’s no streaming. PrivadoVPN are your best free New Zealand VPN option right now for sure.

Option #2 – Tunnelbear (500 MB/month)

Canada based Tunnelbear are another option to get an IP address in New Zealand for free, but they’re a long way down from PrivadoVPN.

You can sign up for their free plan, but you only get 500 MB of data to use per month, which is miniscule and won’t go far at all even just for basic use (forget any streaming). You can tweet at them for an extra 1 GB, but the data limitation is the real downside with Tunnelbear.

They do things a little differently in offering ALL of their 50 Premium server locations (including New Zealand – Auckland) to free users, but only for 500 MB of data each month. It’s an option, just a very restricted one.

Some Less Good New Zealand Free VPN Options

The two VPNs we covered above are by far your best options, because they are at least real, legit VPNs, that look and work like a VPN and protect your privacy.

There are some other free “VPN” options that can also give you a New Zealand IP address, but they’re not really full on VPNs, or there’s some other catch. We’ll list them here, but be aware of the catches.

Alternative Option #1 – Urban VPN – These guys operate as a kind of shared, peer to peer proxy/VPN hybrid, where you’re sharing VPN connections/locations with other VPN users in a kind of “pooling”. It is a way of getting a New Zealand IP address, but be aware this is NOT some watertight, zero logs VPN at all. Your browsing information/history is logged, and it’s not really secure or private if that’s your concern. It’s merely an IP address changing tool, but not really a fully legit VPN.

Alternative Option #2 – PrivateVPN Free Trial – Swedish based PrivateVPN ARE a real legit Premium provider, but they do offer a 7 day free trial that’s easy to get. You just send an email to their support:

And they send you an activation code for a 7 day unlimited free trail of their Premium service to test out, which does have New Zealand servers. It’s another way of getting VPN access and a New Zealand IP, if only for a short period (their Premium plans are also good value).

Alternative Option #3 – VAP LAT – I don’t know much about these guys, but checking out reviews, they seem much the same as UrbanVPN – a kind of shared VPN that’s OK for light use, but not for security or privacy conscious users.

VPNs That Don’t Really Have Free New Zealand Servers (Correcting Inaccurate Data)

As with much of the VPN space online, the search results when you type in “free New Zealand VPN” or similar are not very accurate, with the first few pages of results full of VPNs that may offer paid servers, but DON’T offer free New Zealand servers at all.

Let’s clarify this by correcting some of this information:

  • VPN Unlimited Article – Promotes PIA and other providers, but NO free New Zealand VPNs are listed, only Premium paid ones.
  • – Do have an excellent free plan with servers in multiple locations, but New Zealand is not one of them. You need their paid plans to get a New Zealand IP address.
  • UFO VPN – Advertized as “free”, but isn’t really free. They just have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can use for a month and get a refund.

For totally free, zero upfront cost New Zealand servers, you have to use one of the options we’ve covered above.

Budget Premium VPNs With New Zealand Servers

Realistically, to get proper, unlimited use of a New Zealand VPN including streaming, you’re going to have to pay. PrivadoVPN’s free offering can be a great help, but for any kind of serious data use, you’re not going to find an unlimited free VPN with New Zealand servers. It’s going to have to be a paid plan.

The goods news is that almost all VPNs offer New Zealand IP addresses, and you don’t have to break  the bank paying for it. There’s the well known, more expensive brands like NordVPN, ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN, but here are some cheaper options you might not have heard of that also have New Zealand servers on their paid plans.

  • PrivadoVPN – Their free plan is a good start for Kiwi users, but their paid plans start at $2.50/month as well if you use our link, with unlimited use and 10 devices covered.
  • Private Internet Access (PIA) – An excellent option that gives you top level Premium features for budget prices, at just $3.33/month for 1 year. A very strong Premium VPN option.
  • ZoogVPN – Another great value option I’ve recently added to my list, with plans starting at $2.99/month and servers in 41 countries, including New Zealand. No nonsense, basic VPN.
  • AtlasVPN – Another option that’s not going to break the bank, with a New Zealand server and plans from $3.29/month. Fast and reliable, clean interface and good for streaming access.

These are all good options, but overall, PIA probably gives you the best of everything, with top notch features and functionality for a low price. Longstanding brand as well, being around since 2010. See my review of them here.


As a regular VPN users for 7+ years, I like providing useful info to help people find free or low cost VPN solutions for online security and privacy.

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