Full Private Internet Access (PIA) Server List

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Private Internet Access (PIA) are a well established, reputable Premium VPN provider that have been around for well over a decade. They offer a very thorough VPN service with lots of different locations and servers, but I couldn’t find a complete list on their website of all the server locations they have.

I thought I’d correct that by offering a complete, detailed guide for readers who might be thinking of trying them out, listing all the countries and cities in which they offer servers, plus the major countries where they currently don’t.

Here’s an overview of their servers in brief:

Private Internet Access now has around 10,000 servers in 91 countries worldwide, with the USA and Europe being especially well covered. Around 40 of these countries have geo-located servers, meaning the server is not present in that country, and traffic is routed through another country instead.

But we’ll go much more specific and break down all the servers offered with the PIA service, firstly providing a full list of all servers, and then separating them into the standard physically located VPN servers and co-called geo-located servers, fully differentiating between the two.

A Full List of All Private Internet Access Countries/Servers

Here’s a complete list of all countries where Private Internet Access does have servers, broken down into regions:

  • USA – Most servers are here because it’s a USA based company – servers in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Texas, Denver, California, Seattle, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Phoenix, Trenton, Birmingham, Louisville, Charlotte, Columbia SC, Nashville, Virginia Beach, Charleston, Little Rock, New Orleans, Wichita, Jackson, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Portland Maine, Boston, Concord, Bridgeport, Burlington, Providence, Philadelphia, Billings, Fargo, Portland Oregon, Boise, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Detroit, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Omaha, Milwaukee, Columbus, Sioux Falls, Anchorage, Cheyenne plus Baltimore*, Wilmington*, Salt Lake City* and Honolulu*
  • UK – London, Southampton and Manchester (plus Isle of Man*)
  • Canada – Ontario, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
  • Australia – Perth, Melbourne and Sydney
  • New Zealand
  • All major European countries (east and west) – Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal*, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus*, Andorra*, Malta*, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Lichtenstein*, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Monaco*, Montenegro*, Serbia, Croatia*, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Moldova
  • Scandinavia – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland*
  • Africa – Nigeria*, Morocco*, Egypt*, Algeria*
  • South Africa
  • India
  • China
  • Middle East/Asia – UAE, Saudi Arabia*, Qatar*, Turkey*, Kazakhstan*, Mongolia*, Armenia*, Georgia*, Israel, Bangladesh*, Sri Lanka*
  • Far East – Malaysia*, Singapore, Philippines*, Hong Kong*, Macau*, Vietnam*, Cambodia*, Japan, Indonesia*, Taiwan*
  • Central/South America/Caribbean – Argentina*, Brazil*, Bahamas*, Bolivia*, Chile*, Ecuador*, Mexico*, Colombia*, Costa Rica*, Panama*, Peru*, Uruguay*, Venezuela*, Guatemala*

* Indicates that the server/location is geo-located – meaning the exit node/IP address is still in the target country, but traffic is routed through a physical server in another country. All non starred locations mean it’s a normal VPN server, where both the server and exit node are physically located in the country.

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Does Private Internet Access Have Free Servers?

Private Internet Access do not offer any free servers. All their servers are only available on their paid plans. There are no free trials or limited free servers available.

In other words, along with other longstanding providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, PIA run on a “Premium only” model.

You can effectively make use of their product for “free”, because they do have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can make the upfront payment and claim it back if you want.

Overview Of Private Internet Access

Here’s some rapid fire, need-to-know details on PIA:

  • Based in: USA
  • Zero logs policy – Yes
  • Devices allowed – Unlimited
  • Money back guarantee – 30 days
  • Streaming support – Some
  • Devices supported – all major devices
  • Protocols offered – Wireguard, OpenVPN, IKEv2, PPTP/IPSec
  • 1 year subscription – $3.33/month

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