Best Free Singapore VPNs (Multiple Options)

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Singapore is a country not so often thought about when it comes to free VPN servers, but a couple of VPN providers I know are actually based out of Singapore, and all VPNs offer Premium servers there at least. But what about free VPN servers in Singapore – any viable options there?

That’s what we’re going to cover in this guide. Bottom line – yes, there are two main viable VPNs that offer free server use in Singapore.

Singapore based TurboVPN offer free, speed-capped server use in Singapore, and ZoogVPN also have Singapore on their free server list, with a 10 GB/month data allowance.

And there some other less desirable options, either very restrictive or not really proper VPNs when you drill down deeper. But let’s offer some more details about your two main strong VPN options first.

Option #1 – TurboVPN

TurboVPN are a lesser known brand in the VPN space, but very usable and credible, and being based out of Singapore themselves, make somewhat more of a focus on their base country.

Here’s some main features of the TurboVPN free version:

  • No details or registration needed for their free version – just download their app and get started right away using the free servers (don’t even need an email – totally anonymous).
  • Singapore is one the free server locations
  • Also offers USA, Germany, India as other free locations.
  • Speeds are limited to 2 Mbps, but perfectly usable.
  • Premium version offers much more complete server choice of thousands of servers in 37 countries.

But here are some caveats:

  • TurboVPN free most likely WON’T work for accessing geo-restricted streaming services.
  • Once 1 device/connection allowed (5 on Premium accounts)
  • Some free server locations sometimes not working (Singapore has always been up and running whenever I’ve tested it though).

Click here to get started with TurboVPN, and select their free plan (finding and downloading the free version can be tricky – we have a guide on how to do this).

Option #2 – ZoogVPN

Update – This option is no longer valid for now as ZoogVPN have removed Singapore from their free server list. I’ll keep an eye on whether they restore it at some point, but for now, no free SG server.

Greece based ZoogVPN are another lesser known provider who do offer a very usable free version of their product which features Singapore as a location.

Here are some main features of the ZoogVPN free version:

  • 10 GB of data to use per month
  • Singapore offered as one of their free locations.
  • Other free servers in UK (London), Germany (Dusseldorf), USA, Netherlands.
  • Singapore server also claimed to be streaming friendly (though I’d take this with a pinch of salt for any free VPN, plus you’ve only got 10 GB/month to play with).
  • No payment or payment details required
  • Zero logs also on the free version
  • Reasonably fast servers (some rumblings in other reviews about them being unreliable, but have always been fine when I used them).
  • Excellent value premium plans as well, with servers in 41 countries.

Click here to get started with ZoogVPN’s free version – just an email required.

They’re a decent option if you want a free IP address in Singapore, with 10 GB working out to about 300 MB/day, which will cover a lot of user’s basic internet needs.

Some Less Desirable Free Singapore VPN Options

There are other ways to get a Singapore IP address for free, but they’re less optimal and sometimes not really legit full on VPNs. Let’s cover them anyway.

  1. Tunnelbear – Is a legit VPN and does offer Singapore as one of it’s server locations, but you only get 500 MB per month to play with on their free plan, which is next to nothing and won’t go very far at all even for basic use.
  2. UrbanVPN – Works more like a shared, peer to peer proxy/VPN hybrid, where users are sharing each other’s locations/connections. Can get you unlimited use with a Singapore IP for free, but isn’t really what I’d call a legit VPN, and definitely not private or secure, since user data is logged/collected. There as an option though for less privacy conscious light users.

VPNs That Don’t Actually Offer Free Singapore Servers

As per usual for the VPN space, whenever your search for this topic online, you get loads of inaccurate search results promoting VPNs that DON’T really offer free servers in Singapore at all.

Let’s correct some of this information by clarifying some providers that don’t offer free Singapore servers:

  •  VPN Ranks Article – Poor quality article full of incorrect information. Is specifically titled “Best Free VPN for Singapore”, yet 4 out of the 5 choices given do NOT offer free Singapore servers and require paid plans or an upfront payment to access servers.
  • – Offer an excellent free version of their product with several randomly selected free locations, but Singapore is not one of them to my knowledge. Need paid plans for Singapore servers.
  • NordVPN – Feature a lot in the first page of articles, but they don’t offer free servers in Singapore, nor any free servers at all in fact. All plans are paid – no free plans.
  • ExpressVPN – Again mentioned a lot in the top articles on this query, but no free servers/plans offered, in Singapore or anywhere else. You have to pay to use all their servers.

Lots of these articles/providers are clever with word use and class having a 30 day money guarantee as being “free”, because you can claim your upfront payment back. That’s not my definition of free. In this article, I try to stay 100% relevant by offering ONLY options which require zero upfront payment to use free Singapore servers.

Premium VPNs With Singapore Servers

If you’re wanting a Premium VPN plan with fast, unlimited use Singapore servers, you’re spoilt for choice, because basically ALL paid VPN plans will offer a Singapore server. It’s just one of those locations that’s always on Premium server lists. I don’t know of any Premium provider that doesn’t have Singapore servers.

Therefore, you can go for the more popular, well established, long-standing brands which are slightly more expensive (ProtonVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN), or choose a lesser known but cheaper brand that will still offer a Singapore server. Firstly, if you try out their free version, ZoogVPN also have an excellent value Premium plan you can upgrade to directly ($2.99/month for 12 months).

Some other lesser known but better value Singapore VPNs include:

  • Private Internet Access – Best of everything, low price plans from $3.33/month, plus good streaming access and fast, reliable servers. See my review of PIA here.
  • PrivadoVPN – Super cheap plans from $2.50/month using our link, Singapore server location. Review here.
  • AtlasVPN – Another budget provider with plans from $3.29/month, plus a streaming optimized Singapore server. Nice clean interface and good speeds.

Therefore, you don’t need to break the bank to get a Premium VPN plan with a Singapore server. If you’re wanting top notch streaming access, then a more expensive brand like ExpressVPN is recommended, but cheaper plans from other providers can work fine depending on your needs.


As a regular VPN users for 7+ years, I like providing useful info to help people find free or low cost VPN solutions for online security and privacy.

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