Free VPNs With Servers in Cyprus (Plus Premium Options)

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Cyprus is a beautiful country, with great climate almost year round, great food and friendly, gentle people. It’s one of my personal favorite places to go, and has a strong British ex-pat presence in particular. Cities like Limassol, Paphos, and Ayia Napa are really popular tourist spots as well.

This being the case, there are lots of people who visit Cyprus every year who could use a VPN service that offers IP addresses there to keep online browsing secure, especially in public places, and also to access websites that might be geo-restricted.

Thankfully, there are a couple of free VPN services here that do have servers in Cyprus, though your options are very limited, whether with data use or privacy. However, I’ll run though the main free VPN options I could find for Cyprus.

PrivateVPN offer a 7 day unlimited free trial with no payment details required that offers a server in Nicosia, and Tunnelbear also have a free Cyprus server in Limassol but with only 500 MB of data per month.

I’ll cover these two main option in a bit more detail, before moving onto some unlimited, Premium VPN options that you’ll realistically need for longer term stays on the island.

Free Option #1 – PrivateVPN 7 Day Trial

I’ve updated this post to include this, it’s a good option to at least try out a fully legit, unlimited VPN with a server in Cyprus for free. In fact, it’s really the ONLY option I could find where you can really use a proper VPN with unlimited data with a Cyprus server without paying anything upfront, even if it’s only for 7 days.

PrivateVPN are a Swedish based provider who’s main focus is on their Premium version, but they do offer a limited free trial of their product:

Visit PrivateVPN’s free trial page here. Email their support at to receive a gift code to activate a 7 day free trial of the full service.

Here are some good features of PrivateVPN:

  • 200 high speed servers in 63 countries (including Cyprus – Nicosia)
  • Unlimited server use
  • Based in Sweden with strong privacy and consumer protection laws.
  • No nonsense, user friendly interface.
  • Also despite the cheap price, has an excellent reputation for accessing streaming services.

And also if you decide to upgrade to their Premium version, here are some benefits:

  • 36 month plans currently at $1.61/month (effectively 12 months + 24 extra months free). The best long term value on the market.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

For sure it’s only a temporary free trial, but it will give you a good look at how a proper VPN service works, plus their paid plans are the best value on the VPN market. Give them a try and see what you think.

Free Option #2 – Tunnelbear Free Version

We’ll start off with the excellent Tunnelbear VPN service, who do have a free version of their product and also a server in Limassol, Cyprus – perfect!

Click here to visit Tunnelbear’s site. Click the Tunnelbear logo on the top left to go back to the homepage, and click on “Plans”. If you sign up for the Free account, you get 500 MB of data to use each month.

The Free plan is not heavily promoted and very limited – only good for very basic and very short term use.

Tunnelbear’s got servers in 49 countries, including in Cyprus (Limassol), so it can be a great option for short term/basic usage. I tested the Cyprus server from my location in the UK, and it did work, although with slow page load speeds. This is probably because of the distance though, and you’ll likely get much better performance using it from within Cyprus, or at least from much closer.

It also feels and works like a proper, secure VPN service, with your own IP and no data logging, unlike some other shared VPN services that I’d never use to enter personal data on.

However, with the free version, you only get 500 MB of data to use per month. You can tweet at them for an extra 1 GB, but this is your main limitation with this service – you don’t get much data/bandwidth to use. Once you open the interface, there is a data counter so you can see how you’ve got left this month. But 500 MB will not go very far even with basic browsing, and certainly not with streaming – one decent length HD YouTube video will exhaust your data.

Some Less Good Free Cyprus VPN Options

With your free VPN options being so limited, it’s natural for people to turn to other alternatives that do offer a free IP address in Cyprus, but can’t really be classed as a fully legit, totally secure and private VPN. Here’s a couple of these less optimal services.

Alternative Option #1 – Urban VPN – A shared, peer to peer, proxy style VPN, where users are basically pooling or sharing each other’s connections and IP addresses. Will give you an IP address in Cyprus for free and does have unlimited use, but can’t really be classed as a full on legit VPN. Also, it’s definitely NOT zero logs, and in fact they specifically state they collect user data:

Might be OK for basic light use, but not for privacy conscious users.

Alternative Option #2 – VPN LAT – Does appear to have Italy servers, but again more a proxy/shared style service and doesn’t really come across as a fully legit VPN. Also only available for Android/iOS.

VPNs That Don’t Have Free Servers in Cyprus

Let’s clear up some of the inaccurate information that’s currently showing up in search results for “free” VPN’s with servers in Cyprus. We’ll quickly list some VPN services that are showing up on the first few pages, but don’t meet this criteria, or have significant catches:

  • NordVPN – Are an excellent VPN provider, but they don’t have any free servers at all. They do have a Cyprus server, but you need to pay for all their plans.
  • ExpressVPN – Same as NordVPN – no free servers at all. They do have a Cyprus server, but all plans are paid.
  • ProtonVPN – Another reputable provider, but their free version only has servers in the USA, Netherlands, Japan. You need their paid plans for Cyprus servers.

Some of these are labelled as “free”, but only because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I try to stay fully relevant in this article by offering only VPNs that are fully free to use with zero upfront payment required, plus servers in Cyprus.

Some Premium VPN Services With Servers In Cyprus

If you are going to be in Cyprus longer term (many expats spend their winters there because of the good climate), then you are realistically going to need a Premium VPN for staying safe online.

These all come with fast, reliable servers, unlimited use and zero-logs, meaning your privacy is more protected than with using a shared VPN/proxy service. They are also much more likely (though not certain) to allow you to access geo-restricted streaming services like Netflix, that will almost always be blocked if you try and use a free VPN.

Despite Cyprus being a small island with less than a million residents, many Premium VPN services still offer servers there. We’ve listed some below for you to compare and contrast.

Comparison of VPN’s With Cyprus Servers (links are affiliate links)

ProviderPrice (12 months paid in advance)Number of servers in CyprusNumber of Devices AllowedMain Benefits
Private Internet Access (PIA)$3.33/month1 (Nicosia)*10Best value for money
ExpressVPN$8.32/month15Best for streaming
NordVPN$5/month146Double Encryption & Server Choice
Le VPN$4.95/month15Lots of countries
ProtonVPN$5.99/month1 (Limassol)10Reputable brand


*Uses a geo-located server, meaning that the exit node is located in Cyprus, but traffic is routed through a server in Romania instead.

Bottom line – Private Internet Access (PIA) has it covered for cost (but it’s a geo-located server), NordVPN has it covered for server choice within Cyprus (14+). ProtonVPN is the best for the number of devices/simultaneous connections allowed (10). But are all great, reliable, unlimited VPN services, where you know your connection is going to be secure, and there’s someone to help you if something goes wrong. If I were staying in Cyprus long term, I’d get a Premium plan.

Signing up for a VPN is usually very easy. You simply visit their site (click on one of our links above for each provider), sign up, pay your subscription, download their product and boot up the program.

Once running you simply select a preferred server location and open the VPN connection. You now have a secure, encrypted connection that will keep all your browsing and personal data safe over public Wi-Fi networks.


As a regular VPN users for 7+ years, I like providing useful info to help people find free or low cost VPN solutions for online security and privacy.

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